Why Us?

Back Office Dynamics (BOD) Pty Ltd is a company that does administrative and back office functions of Australian businesses.

Competitive Pricing


Back Office Dynamics Pty Ltd (BOD) Australia offers very competitive prices for our different services:
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Best of Both Worlds


Adopting a best of both worlds approach, BOD helps Australian businesses in their:
Data entry/transcription
& Other back office work



Data Security

We offer security and privacy of data as we are an Australian company covered by Australian laws including privacy and security of data.
Our Australian officers and staff, including Managing Director Nadine Teodoro Navarro, are qualified and has had decades of experience working with Australian government agencies and private businesses. These back office and administrative functions are then done in the Philippines as part of business process outsource, through the use of internet technology and cloud computing. Some of the work are also done in Australia.


 Business Process Outsource work is now the specialty of the Philippines with the country now ranking third in the world in 2013 in this type of work. This is due to highly skilled, educationally qualified and highly experienced staff at lower costs. With Philippine satellite office, Back Office Dynamics Philippines Incorporated, our Australian company is able to maximise this price competitive advantage as well as employ professionally experienced and highly qualified staff.